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“In addition to wonderful food, there is a nice atmosphere at Genji. The staff there are very pleasant and attentive. I have been there for lunch and it's a serene getaway from business. You will feel energized after the sushi. I recommend it highly.”
Karen Mohindra (posted at OttawaXpress.com)

Genji - Five Stars for Take-out: “As a new resident of Lisgar St, I am thrilled to have Genji so close by. I've tried take-out twice and both were excellent. The Beef Teriyaki (around $18) came with Miso soup, salad, and the main course with rice and vegetables. The beef was done to perfection, tender and juicy, with just the right amount of sauce. The veggies were also perfect, cooked just enough to retain their crispness and taste. The Shrimp Tempura was also very good (same courses, same price) although I found the batter a little greasy. The service was quick and friendly, and I was even provided a little bowl of spicy cabbage and some green tea on the house while awaiting my take-out. In the end, a little more pricy than your neighbourhood pizza, but well worth the cost, and an easy way to impress your guests, with a first class take-out across the street!”
Norman Beauregard (posted at OttawaXpress.com)

This place is good! OK, so after reading Lucy's article, I had to check it out. It's hard to come by authentic and good Japanese food. Like one of the reviewers above, I also live on Lisgar St and Genji has got to be the best kept secret of the neighborhood. The menu is pretty extensive and the quality is top notch. If you like high end food for regular prices, this is it. The service was fantastic and I agree with Lucy's comments about the great decor. Thanks Lucy for this rare find.”
Daniel Leeds (posted at OttawaXpress.com)

“Great! This place is just dandy. I have been here mainly for lunch meetings, but the food is just fabulous. Service is great and the people are very respectful to your needs. My friend had a special request due to health concerns, and this place was so nice that they made up a dish to accommodate her. Not many restaurants do such things nowadays, and it's just really welcoming to know that the restaurant is able to bend over a bit to make the customer feel appreciated. Food portions are pretty big, as the beef teriyaki was served with miso soup, salad and rice, all for a mere amount under $20. Also, the fact that some things on the menu only cost $3 makes even the poorest man's dream come true. Great place, go eat!”
Meghna Patel (posted at OttawaXpress.com)

“So, wifey and I had an evening out away from the kiddies. I suggested Genji, since I'd added it to my wish list earlier today. All I can say is wow! From the free green tea (interesting smokey taste and wait staff constantly checking the pot and refilling it) to the warm and friendly service, to the complimentary salads they gave us because of an unexpectedly long wait, it was as though they could read my mind and knew I was going to review them here! Great food and great service. This place should be here to stay. A new favorite!”
Mark Warburton (posted at OttawaFoodies.com)

“Try the Canadian Stampede Roll...my favorite at Genji (mmm steak sushi!) and I love their green tea crème brulée as well!”
Cara Ross (posted at OttawaFoodies.com)