Skip to main page content home onlinefirst current issue past issues subscriptions alerts feedback aacr publications aacr home search go advanced search user name password sign in expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) in hepatocellular carcinoma and growth inhibition of hepatoma cell lines by a cox-2 inhibitor, ns-3981 si hyun bae , eun sun jung , young min park 2, boo sung kim , byung kee kim , dong goo kim , and wang shick ryu departments of internal medicine [s. H. viagra purchase online canada B. viagra online , y. age can you use viagra M. buy cheap viagra P. Get best results using viagra , b. is viagra safe for women 2010 S. fight club quotes viagra K. Age do men start use viagra ], pathology [e. buy viagra for men S. J. , b. K. K. viagra or viagra for women ], and general surgery [d. viagra for sale K. How long should you wait after taking viagra K. buy generic viagra without a prescription ], and who collaborating center for reference and research on viral hepatitis, college of medicine, catholic university of korea, and department of biochemistry, college of science, yonsei university, seoul, korea [w. S. viagra online R. ] abstract cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) has been suggested to be associated with carcinogenesis. generic viagra In hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc), the expression pattern of cox-2 protein has been well correlated with the differentiation grade, suggesting that abnormal cox-2 expression plays an important role in hepatocarcinogenesis. viagra purchase online canada We investigated the expression pattern and clinical significance of cox-2 in hcc tissues. can buy viagra europe In addition, we evaluated the efficacy of a selective cox-2 inhibitor, ns-398, in three hepatoma cell lines. buy viagra online Thirty-six hcc tissues, 15 hepatoma cell lines, 1 colorectal cell line (ht-29), and 1 fibroblast cell line (sv80) were included in the study. We evaluated serological tests and histological and radiological evaluations of hcc tissues. viagra 10 or 20 mg Immunohistochemical staining for cox-2 was performed on 36 hcc tissues and 17 cancer cell lines. cheap viagra for sale A cell viability assay for growth inhibition of ns-398 in five cell lines was performed. viagra purchase online canada Immunohistochemically, all six well-differentiated hccs were positive, whereas 83% (10 of 12) of the poorly differentiated hccs were negative. There was no significant relationship between the intensity of cox-2 expression and the level of î±-fetoprotein, tumor size, presence of portal vein thrombosis, tumor capsule and metastasis, tumor-node-. Welcome viagra generic dangers dr oz natural viagra