R factor.   so i wanted to mention that i only wiegh 103 pounds (not pregnant), and i have alwasy been very small and not at all athletic.   my babies have been 7, 8, and 7-14 lbs. Respectively. Also, i tried kegals without the kegalmaster and did them diligently, but it never worked. Logged createddaisy adept posts: 146 re: pelvic organ prolapse: "organs at the door" « reply #50 on: february 05, 2009, 03:24:41 pm » i know how you feel.   i ended up in the emergency room with this. viagra and viagra do not work An inexperienced doctor thought the worst!   plus he got the wrong part of the anatomy.   i have a stage 1 prolapse uterus but had a stage 3 prolapse bladder.   it was my bladder that was pushing the v*gin*l wall out of the opening. viagra online   i have been doing as much research and reading as i can on this. All the doctors are telling me to live with it but god designed the body to heal itself.   this happened 3 weeks after my fifth baby was born only a few months ago.   here are some of the issues i have been able to address. There is inflammation with any prolapse. viagra online without prescription   i take isoflavanoids that have ginger and turmeric in it. viagra for women wiki Plus i went on an anti inflammatory diet.   no grains, sugars, and limited red meat.   you need to consume lots of greens to repair cells as well as tissues.   i have thought about taking chlorella and a green drink in addition to what i am already doing to help.   plus a high amount of vitamin c for repair.   i take 3,000 mg.   which i had to build up to.   the other thing that i have found is helpful is an omega 3 supplement and vitamin d. generic viagra tadalafil 20 mg from india   the body needs them to help repair. order viagra online   i called and talked to david christopher and got his insight on this problem.   i am taking his herb class and am able to ask questions as i go along.   this is his recommendation.   bf&c (bone and cartiledge) take 5 pills 5 times a day.   do a castor oil fomentation.   lots of greens.   and do a douche on a slant board.   the douche is from his yellow dock formula that his dad made for prolapse among other things.   (i got the exact formula off of his website and plan to make it myself)  you lay on the slant board and put the tea in and massage the abdomen.   hold as long as possible before voiding.   do this every day. medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-cheap-viagra-online-no-rx-yl/   i have not done this yet. viagra online cheapest price   i need to order the bf&c and get a few things from town the next time i go.   rebuilding muscle is key.   the muscles that hold all of the organs down there are bowl shaped.   they need to be strengthened before you will see any progress.   i can tell a big difference in my muscles from the last pregnancy to this one.   my muscles are shot. cheap viagra online   here are the things i have done and the result so far. Maya abdominal massage:  helped me maintain where i am at but did not see improvement. are viagra and viagra the same Organs in place fro t-tapp:  this does help!   do not overdue it though or it will not be as effective. Kegels:  did nothing. buy cheap viagra   i have had a doctor and physical therapist tell me  this would not help. Diet and the supplements listed above have helped. Walking:  has definate. Welcome