Mcindoe procedure for vaginal agenesis: long-term outcomes and effect on quality of life. Christopher j. cheapest viagra on the web Klingele, m. D. , john b, gebhart, m. cheap generic viagra D. , andrew j. Croak, d. O. , connie s, dimarco, m. D. , raymond a. buy generic viagra online Lee, m. happens women take male viagra D. Section of urogynecology/pelvic reconstructive surgery, mayo clinic, rochester, mn.    objectives: to assess the long-term outcomes of the mcindoe procedure for vaginal agenesis and evaluate its effect on quality of life. online pharmacy for viagra    materials and methods: the medical records of women with vaginal agenesis treated with the mcindoe procedure at the mayo clinic between january 1950 and january 2000 were identified through a computer search. Medical records were abstracted for pertinent information, including initial postoperative course and long-term follow-up. All patients had an extensive history, physical exam, and radiographic evaluation when deemed necessary. buy viagra canada Psychological referral was offered. generic viagra india 100 mg Eligible patients were mailed an in-depth questionnaire to assess long-term outcomes and quality-of-life issues.    results: 224 women were identified who underwent the mcindoe procedure for vaginal agenesis. 72/224 (32% response rate) responded to an in-depth questionnaire focusing on the number of subsequent surgical procedures, urinary or anorectal dysfunction, complication of the harvest site/neovagina, functional use, self-image, body appearance and quality of life issues. Overall satisfaction and patient understanding of vaginal agenesis was assessed. Charts were reviewed for surgical findings and immediate postoperative results. buy viagra 5mg online The average age at time of surgery was 21. 3 (range 15-49 years). Mean operating time was one hundred thirty-five minutes (range 90- 187 minutes). Average number of days in the hospital was 9 days (range 4-14). Percent take of skin graft at time of temporary mold removal was 85%. happens if women have viagra Infection rate in the immediate postop period was 3% of patients (2 graft infections and 4-donor site infections). order viagra 13% of patients had previous attempts at surgical correction. Vaginal infection! After recovery was only a frequent problem in 7% of patients. Urinary incontinence was never or only occasionally a problem in 89% of patients, while 8% had daily urinary incontinence. 3% of respondents reported weekly loss of stool without control. Burning at donor site was found in 8. 5% of respondents, with 20% experienci. Welcome